EARTHQUAKE, Pizza, and More

Most of the time Mondays are boring and lame. Everyone hates Mondays. The only reason and I really mean the only reason I look forward to Monday is because of the show How I Met Your Mother, besides that everything else about Monday is lame. Around 6:30AM the strangest thing happened. An EARTHQUAKE. Boy, let me tell you I got scared as a dog. I just recently moved to West Toluca Lake about a week ago and I didn’t expect this to happen. Anyway the earthquake last briefly about seven seconds I think, not sure to be exact. As usual people posted up Facebook statuses, Tweets and notes on Instagram about the earthquake. This generation is all about technology. After seeing those posts I decided to go back to sleep. I slept for another two hours so then I woke up. At around 12:30 my grandparents came home with a box of pizza! The best feeling in the world. About an hour or so the cable guys came and took roughly about an hour to install the wires and Wi-Fi. Finally Internet and cable! At around 2:30 we had a plumber over to fix our bathroom, he did partial work then said he’ll be back tommorow. So overall today was a successful Monday. Now I just got to remember to watch How I Met Your Mother and my Monday will be complete.


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